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About us

McGinty Conveyors, Inc. was founded in 1943 in Indianapolis, and then incorporated in 1946 as Wm. McGinty, Inc.

Bill McGinty, John McGinty
Transition of Ownership: 3rd from left: Bill McGinty,
4th from left: John McGinty

The company’s founder, John “Bill” McGinty, was a millwright with several construction companies in the early forties who saw a need for better industrial equipment in the manufacturing markets. He contacted Richards-Wilcox Manufacturing Co. to supply him with the necessary products to better the industry. This association built into a mutually beneficial relationship where each company began to rely on the other. During this time, Richards-Wilcox manufactured the components and McGinty sold the product. McGinty was very influential in the development and improvement of many of the products that Richards-Wilcox currently offers.

Around 1960 Bill started to show his son, John McGinty, how the industry worked. John began as a delivery truck driver and became involved with every job in the shop and the field until he learned the business inside and out. By 1965, he was the most successful salesman in the company. Bill McGinty began to realize that the company was going to succeed through the transition of ownership. In 1970, Bill McGinty retired and John McGinty became president of Wm. McGinty, Inc. In 1972, John McGinty changed the companies name to what it is known as today, McGinty Conveyors, Inc.

McGinty Conveyors, Inc, Indianapolis, Indiana Facility
Our Facility: In Indianapolis, Indiana.

John McGinty, III is now directing the growth and progress of the corporation. We currently employ approximately 20 full time employees at our facility in Indianapolis, Indiana. Through the years, John McGinty and his son John McGinty, III have maintained and intensified the relationship that Bill McGinty established with Richards-Wilcox. McGinty Conveyors, Inc. has been the largest distributor for Richards-Wilcox every year since its inception.

Having been in the conveyor industry since 1943, we have built a strong track record across the country with hundreds of various customers. We are positive that you and your company will be pleased with our products and the personal attention paid to every detail.