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DR-2799 A C Inverter, 1.5 HP, 208/230V-3
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DR-2799 A C Inverter, 1.5 HP, 208/230V-3

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Unit is designed for use on 1-1/2 HP motors with 208/230V -3P power, and can drive the motor speed from a maximum of 1750 rpm (full load speed @ 60 hertz) down to a minimum of 350 rpm (5:1 speed range). The A.C. Inverter allows the drive motor to be started at a low RPM, and then brought up to the "preset" speed on a linear ramp providing a "soft-start" to the conveyor, and constant motor torque operation throughout the full speed range to maintain constant chain pull. The A.C. Inverter enclosure has a NEMA 1 rating. The unit can be panel or wall mounted.

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