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New Generation Rotary

In 1993, McGinty Conveyors designed and introduced the New Generation Rotary. The Rotary was developed by John McGinty, II, and John McGinty, III, both lifelong veterans of the material handling industry. The New Generation Rotary took the market by storm, and continues to do the same today. It is world-class equipment at very modest pricing.

  • Drive End
  • Take-Up End
  • Intermediate Section
  • Carts
  • Yokes
  • Motor
  • Motor Controller
  • Wire Harness Assembly Lines

Automate Production
The rotary works in two distinct modes, automatic and manual. In automatic mode, the carts stop at each workstation for a pre-set amount of time. In manual mode, the carts run continuously. Both modes insure the throughput of your operation. As the workers become more familiar with their particular processes, the speed can be adjusted further to increase production and throughput.

Better Product Flow
Raw materials and base components line one end of the rotary. At the other end, finished harnesses are unloaded directly into cartons for shipping. This will decrease the amount of dedicated floor space required to manufacture the harnesses. We can even add electrification to the jig board for inline analysis of the harness.

The best solution is a permanent solution. At McGinty, our commitment does not end with the installation. We service what we sell. We offer quick reaction with 24-hour delivery on repair parts. We have our own shipping system if necessary, to avoid common carrier damage to fragile components.

Modular Components
Every system is different. That is why we have made the system modular. The rotary can be as long as 250 feet or as short as 30 feet. Different applications dictate different designs. If your application changes, simply reconfigure your rotary by adding or eliminating components. This way, the system works regardless of engineering changes.

Customer Support
Generally, we call on our customers quarterly to insure that the systems are functioning properly. We build relationships with our customers that allow us to serve them well. We are accustomed to traveling the world to meet the needs of all of our customers. You will not find our level of customer support anywhere, in any industry.

Basic "New Generation" Rotary System
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Part #
Drive End
Take-Up End
Intermediate Section, 10’-0” Long
Cart Assembly
Yoke Assembly
Motor Controller